Preserving Our History: If We Don't, Who Will?




The town of Pacoima has a history that dates back more than 1500 years, but very few know about it. Very few know that the Fernandeno-Tataviam tribe has stories and were inhabitants in this area when it was known as Pacoinga Village. This history must be shared and preserved so we can all have a better understanding of where we are today. Pacoima Historical Society
The Native Americans were stripped of their land and thrust into this society as we know it today. Many cultures were isolated from the rest of the San Fernando Valley when racial covenants prevented them from living anywhere else. Despite the cultural challenges Pacoima is a unique melting pot with a history like no other. The Pacoima Historical Society was formed to share and preserve this history while its being told by those who know it most.
mexicans-filmore-pacoima Pacoima Historical Society members pictured L to R: Lon Grandison, Suzanne Llamas, Chanelle Grandison, Crystal Jackson, Patricia Takayama, Tonice Gilmore-Thomas, Janet Lavender, Vanessa Leandro, and Stan Leandro

On January 14, 2016, the Pacoima Historical Society was officially founded. Members from Pacoima’s diverse community gathered at Vaughn International Studies Academy to create the Board of Directors and executive officers who will represent the foundation. 

During the meeting, community members elected the Board of Directors, which included film producer Crystal Jackson as President, Suzanne Llamas as Secretary, and Tonice Gilmore Thomas as Treasurer. Executive Board members include Rudy Orgtega, President Fernandeno-Tataviam Band of Mission Indians, Stan Leandro, Director of Vaughn International Studies Academy, Jimmy Velarde, CBS Emmy award winner, Nancy Takayama from the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center and Lon Grandison, VP Operations BAIT CAL Worldwide and supervising producer of the new film, PacoimaStories "Land of Dreams".

"The mission of the Pacoima Historical Society is to collect and preserve photographs, literature, artifacts and oral histories that preserve the cultural history of Pacoima and surrounding areas," stated newly elected president, Crystal Jackson. "Through donations and contributions from our members, our goal is to create and maintain a digital library, hosted on a web site, and establish a museum to house the entire collection."

Members will have exclusive access to vast resources of historic content, not available to the general public. They will also receive a quarterly newsletter keeping them informed about the latest discoveries of historic Pacoima artifacts and photos.

"The foundation will also support storytelling projects and productions that promote and preserve the history of Pacoima and surrounding areas," stated Jackson. "Our goal is to have Pacoima recognized for the historic town it is, not only by Los Angeles, but the entire state of California."

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