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PacoimaStories - Pan African Film Festival

'PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams' Huge
Success at Pan African Film Festival

The Hollywood spotlight was on the town of Pacoima last weekend, at the 26th annual Pan African Film Festival. The iconic event, which was held February 8–19, hosted two screenings of PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams.

The Family of Pacoima Filmmakers who
Co-Produced PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams 

Written and directed by Crystal Jackson, PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams took more than a year to complete. It was financed by Jackson with Lon Grandison (Producer) and Lance Grandison (Cinematographer), all born in Pacoima.

'PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams' Reveals the Undying Spirit of a Historic Town

See the untold history of a small town in Los Angeles, whose incredible story defines the evolution of American culture. From its earliest times in 450AD through today discover the amazing human spirit surrounding a place called Pacoima.

L.A. Daily News Previews New Documentary 'PacoimaStories' Directed by Crystal Jackson

When the most in-depth documentary on Pacoima screened late last month, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house next to the likes of Rep. Tony Cardenas, actor Danny Trejo and R&B singer Howard Huntsberry.