PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams

PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams is an epic documentary that reveals the 1,500-year history of an area in Los Angeles called Pacoima. The town, located in the northeast San Fernando Valley, has been largely viewed as a hub for poverty. However, when you scratch beneath the surface you discover a rich tradition of pride and heritage that defines American culture like never before.

PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams

PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams is written and directed by Crystal Jackson, whose family came to Pacoima in 1935, this powerful two-hour documentary traces the earliest history of Pacoima and the towns incredible evolution.The story begins at a time before America was born. When Indians roamed the land, calling this beautiful part of the San Fernando Valley, Pacoinga. These Native-Americans known as Tataviam, had territorial reign of the land, with a history dating back to 450 AD.

Discover the history of Pacoima you never knew. From Senator Charles Maclay, who built San Fernando in the late 1800's, through the early 20th century Mexican migration, that changed Pacoima's landscape forever. The film also traces the mass African-American migration during the 1950's as Black families from around the country converged on the town looking to buy new homes. Learn about the town's struggles through the 80’s and 90 when drugs and gangs hijacked the community. 

Producers Crystal Jackson and Lon Grandison

“PacoimaStories” also features interviews from original community residents (now in their 90’s), who tell seldom heard stories about the town. They discuss the towns unique diversity, how it changed over the decades and what makes this historic town so special.

People that knew Ritchie Valens tell their stories about the legendary singer from Pacoima and his impact on the community. R&B Singer Howard Huntsberry (lead singer "Klique"), a Pacoima native, who played the role of Jackie Wilson in the Ritchie Valens movie “La Bamba,” relives his experience with the plane crash of 1957 over Pacoima junior high and the horror of that tragic disaster.

The Los Angeles Daily News called PacoimaStories: Land of Dreams "The most in-depth documentary on Pacoima."

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