New Novel from Author and Historian Crystal Jackson Brings to Readers a Compelling Real Life Story about Marilyn Monroe's Death. 

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Crystal Jackson - The Marilyn Monroe Connection

New Book: The Marilyn Monroe Connection

Last August marked the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Speculation has swirled ever since about whether or not it was murder or suicide. In the process, lives were destroyed of those who suggested homicide, including the young African American man that signed her death certificate. 

Lionel Grandison was the coroner’s deputy assigned to Monroe’s case in 1962. His story has been well-documented over the past 40 years. Now his daughter, respected author, and historian Crystal Jackson has released a gripping new novel entitled “The Marilyn Monroe Connection” detailing her father’s transcendent story and tragic experience with the historic case.

The book is a compelling timeline of him meeting and falling in love with the woman of his dreams, earning the job of any Black man’s dreams, only to have it all taken away because of what he discovered about Marilyn Monroe’s alleged suicide.

“My dad spent a lifetime trying to let the world know the truth about her case,” said Jackson during a recent promotional interview. “But I never really wanted to get involved because I experienced firsthand the pain it caused him. He lost his family, his dignity, and nearly his life.”

Author Crystal Jackson dives into the untold saga and ultimate betrayal her father, Lionel “Frenchy” Grandison, faced when dark forces at the coroner’s office sought to discredit him. Her eye-opening novel chronicles how quickly climbed the civil service ranks and participated in high-profile death cases during the early 60s, including TV star George Reeves (Superman), comedian Ernie Kovacs, and an unarmed Muslim named Ronald T. Stokes, whose controversial death at LAPD hands led to a historic encounter with Malcolm X.

“My father died January 6, 2021, from Covid, and I really miss him a lot. He shared so many great stories with me during our times together, and now I feel like it’s my job to carry that torch for him,” Jackson added.

Crystal Jackson and her father, Lionel Grandison

Former Deputy Coroner's Aide Lionel Grandison and his daughter author Crystal Jackson in 2009

On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s body was found deceased, and a rush to judgment of suicide caused young Grandison to question her death after discovering Marilyn's secret diary, Despite flawed and altered police reports, missing body tissues, and a deadly drug mysteriously entering her system, the chief medical examiner forced him to sign her death certificate ruling it a 'probable suicide.'

Jackson's historical fiction novel delivers her dad's heart-wrenching story of love, corruption, deception, and undying fight to hold onto his family after powerful people seek to prevent him from uncovering the truth about how the legendary Hollywood actress died.

"What really happened to Marilyn Monroe, I don’t know, but evidence shows there should have been a coroner's inquest, at the very least. I mean big movie studios, shady doctors, and horny politicians – all of them were involved and there were so many lies," Crystal Jackson elaborated."

"It's about sharing his incredible story with the world. My dad was a young, vibrant, Black 22-year-old coroner's deputy with his whole life ahead of him. But when he arrived to work that fateful Sunday morning on August 5, 1962, everything changed."

Last year, Crystal Jackson released her popular biographical fiction novel, "Not Colored." The book follows the journey of three generations of African American women through their racial triumphs and struggles.

"In my book, Not Colored, I touched on the trauma Marilyn Monroe's case caused my mother and father. However, in my new book, readers will discover the real man my dad was and what actually happened at the coroner's office. But, more importantly, the devastation he faced in the aftermath. I'm carrying this torch for him now, and the best way to do that is tell his story."

Crystal Jackson’s new book, “The Marilyn Monroe Connection,” is available now on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Apple. You can also order an autographed paperback by clicking here.

The Marilyn Monroe Connection - Crystal Jackson - New Book


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